Vive Personal Trainer along with our friendly, motivating and result driven high energy atmosphere will help to get more functional, mobile and stronger as well as succeed inside and outside our gym.

Guaranteed results

Our professional trainers are so committed to help that they are willing to GUARANTEE you will see results.

Expert Trainers

All Vive Personal Trainers are professionally trained with years of experience and education. With their expansive knowledge on training backed by science, nutrition, and health, your trainer will do all the thinking for you.


During a Functional Movement Screen Personal Trainers assess most important movement patterns. Based on your FMS results the trainer will be able to customize the most optimal workout plan.

Personalized Workouts

Unlike fitness classes a Personal Trainer will give personalized attention and support. He will also create the best training program for you, as well as encourage you to do the exercises that are best to achieve your goals.

Nutritional guidance

Your Personal Trainer will help you to make healthy choices about food in your daily live and create a diet plan that is right for you.

Schedule flexibility

Your Personal Trainer will have the flexibility to workout wherever suits you best.

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    We are dedicated to provide you a clean environment to train, excellent service and resolve any our gym related problems as fast as possible.