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    It is a combination of cardio and muscle strengthening exercises that will have you running, jumping, squatting and sweating. An intense yet balanced workout that will improve your overall fitness. Fun and effective for everyone.  

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    Thai Boxing is known for its excellent conditioning training which includes skipping rope, calisthenics, shadow boxing, technique, Thai pad work, heavy bag work and abdominal exercises.

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    Cardio Blast

    High-energy class that combines a cardio workout with endurance resistance training. Class includes both high-impact and low-impact cardio and strength exercises. You will improve your cardiovascular endurance, muscle capacity and tone your entire body.

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    Hatha Yoga

    The goal of this class is to strengthen the body and relieve tension and stress through stretching, meditation and Yoga poses. This class builds both physical and mental strength as well as endurance.


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    Kettlebell exercises are whole-body workout requiring full body integration and core stabilization. Ballistic (explosive) swinging movements along with momentum or more traditional press and squat exercises will increase your strength and also elevate your heart rate for effective cardiovascular training.

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    A varied, high intensity, dynamic and whole body approach to training, using a techniques from boxing / kickboxing. Movement is movement, whether applied to a weights paradigm or dance class. Only the approach is different but all fun!