5 components of fitness


5 basic components of
health and fitness

We believe that you will get fit and stay fit if you follow five basic components of health and fitness:


Proper Nutrition


  • Learn healthy eating habits and your daily caloric needs.
  • Proper water intake is essential.
  • There is great value in food journaling.

Cardiovascular Exercise


  • Comprehend the FITT Principle
  • Learn different types of  proper performance of cardiovascular training.
  • It’s okay to try something new.

Resistance Training


  • Discover the importance and benefits of resistance training.
  • Learn how to select the right type of resistance training.
  • Explore functional training.

Flexibility and Function


  • Evaluate range of motion and correct imbalances.
  • Learn stretching and stability movements.
  • Learn core training and foam rolling techniques.

Personal Assistance


  • Receive help in establishing realistic goals.
  • Establish a plan of action for those goals.
  • Receive education and guidance from  fitness professional