Opening Hours

  • Most of the locations will be open 24/7 with regular staffed hours. Please check with your location to confirm
  • Due to the COVID-19 Health and Safety all members must scan the access card before entering the gym and close the door behind

Booking & Capacity

  • Only active members will be allowed to enter the gym floor and class studio
  • During staffed hours members can enter by appointment or by chance. You will be only allowed entry if there is space
  • After Staffed hours is by appointment only
  • One booking per day
  • Appointments can be booked on Vive Fitness App. Download (IOS, Android) “My Member Account” and follow the instructions
  • Limited capacity will be maintained. Please check your location for more details


  • Prior to opening all location will be deep cleaned and disinfected only by using hospital grade products
  • Hand- free sanitizers will be installed
  • More frequent and enhance cleaning
  • Members will be required to clean their equipment before and after the use

Distancing & Safety

  • Some of the equipment will be relocated to ensure the 6ft/2m physical distancing
  • Floor markers are installed to further ensure that social distancing is achieved
  • Wearing a mask will be mandatory when walking in/out the gym and the locker area, but you can take it off when working out
  • Anyone with the symptoms related to Covid-19 or under quarantine will be ask not to enter the gym

Washroom / Shower / Lockers

  • Our private washroom and shower rooms will be available, but we encourage members to shower at home if possible
  • Lockers will be available to use but we ask members to enter the gym with only the most necessary items


  • Preauthorized payment will resume on the reopening day, but your payment day will remain the same
  • Any unused time that was paid before lockdown will be credited to your account
  • After that, your payment will begin
  • Gym tours and new membership registration will only be by appointment
  • For the convenience online membership registration is also available.

Personal Training

  • Personal Training will be available
  • No appointment booking is necessary if you schedule Personal Training sessions
  • All Personal Trainers will be required to wear a mask during sessions
  • All equipment will be cleaned by the trainer
  • All Fitness Assessments will take place according to a health and safety guidelines

Group Training / Classes

  • Classes will continue but with limited capacity
  • Instructors who are actively teaching a class will not be required to wear a mask
  • Members who will book their spot in advance will have the priority for attending the class.
  • Appointments can be booked online or on Vive Fitness App. Download (IOS, Android) “my member account “and follow the instruction

Heart Rate Monitor

  • Almost all locations class studios will be equipped with most advance “heart rate monitoring” system Myzone
  • Only Elite group training sessions will be using the system.
  • The sessions will be free with your membership.
  • Sessions will be added to a regular class schedule

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